Offer a Suggestion

Example Letter #1


I am very pleased with our neighborhood watch committee's success so far; however, one major problem remains. While our program has effectively reduced the number and frequency of crimes committed at night, during the day, when many of our neighbors are at work, thieves still threaten us. Just last week three homes in the neighborhood were robbed.

I suggest we dedicate our next committee meeting to discussing some practical solutions to this serious problem. I believe if we work together, we can find a workable answer.

Example Letter #2


We who live in the University Garden area of town have 25 elementary school children who must cross busy Main Street to attend Springfield School. Please consider permitting University Garden students to attend Doe School, which is on our side of Main Street. This would be advantageous for the following reasons:

1. The children would not have to cross Main Street

2. It would relieve crowding at Springfield School

3. The school district would save the cost of the crossing guard.

Even though the children would have to walk an additional two blocks to school, the increase in safety would be worth it. Please consider this suggestion at your next board meeting. I am willing to address the board if you think it would be helpful. I shall look forward to your reply.

Example Letter #3


I wonder if your weekly newsletter would be better received by the rank and file employees if they were given space for articles they wish to share. Such articles could include giving advice about specific tasks or describing motivational methods. They could be signed or printed anonymously.

Example Letter #4


You did a great job with your presentation yesterday. Your visuals were especially effective; however, I would like to make one suggestion. A few of your jokes were inappropriate to your audience. Though seemingly funny, off-color humor can quickly alienate people. I would eliminate that kind of humor when addressing a business gathering. There are enough "clean" jokes left to spice up a presentation that do not risk offending your audience.

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