Offer a Suggestion to a Supplier or Retailer • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Open with a statement that will motivate the reader to continue. Commenting on the benefit the reader will gain is helpful.
2State your suggestion briefly, maintaining a helpful tone.
3Add any information the reader may need to follow your suggestion. Be sensitive to the reader's circumstance.
4Use a friendly closing, encouraging the reader to use your suggestion and respond promptly.


As with all suggestions, keep your tone helpful rather than critical. The probability that a reader will take your suggestion seriously is much greater if it is clear from the outset that there is a personal benefit to be gained.

Example Letter #1


We have discussed my problem of not receiving my orders by the specified date because I have not been able to place the order at least three weeks in advance. The problem is I am on a tight budget and cannot afford to guess how much of your product I will need three weeks in advance. I want to make a suggestion that I believe will eliminate this inconvenience.

Since your shipping office is just sixty miles away from my location, I suggest that I come directly to your office and pick up my prepurchased product in exchange for a five percent discount on my order. This way I would always get the merchandise on time. I hope such an arrangement will be acceptable to you. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Example Letter #2


I have a suggestion that I believe would make shopping at your Springfield store more inviting. I appreciate your desire to carry a wide variety of merchandise, but I believe that a slight reduction in variety could reduce congestion in the aisles and make many customers very happy. It seems that the congestion is discouraging to some, especially those who have difficulty reaching the high shelves or who need carts to carry their purchases. If a reduction in variety is not possible, I would suggest that you move the advertising displays to the front of the store to free up more aisle space.

Example Letter #3


We now order 50% of our office supplies from you and offer a suggestion that may increase this another 50%. Our business requires that we fill inventory requests quarterly which means that we need packaging tape and cardboard boxes quarterly.

At this time we order from you and Doe. If you will change your delivery schedule from semi-annually to quarterly you can become our sole supplier for these items. Your sales will increase, and we will reduce our paperwork.

Example Letter #4


Unless you are interested in an idea that will save time, eliminate waste, and increase profits, you should throw this letter away. Have you ever considered sending your spring catalogue with your Christmas orders? We always receive your catalogue two weeks after Christmas. By including the catalogue with our Christmas order, you would save mail costs, save envelopes, and give your customers more time to read your beautiful catalogue, resulting in more sales and profits.

I hope you find this idea useful. I think the results will surprise you.


State your suggestion briefly, maintaining a helpful tone.

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Add any information the reader may need to follow your suggestion. Be sensitive to the reader's circumstance.

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