Offer a Suggestion to a Religious Leader

Example Letter #1


You are performing a wonderful service in seeing that the sick and the homeless in our congregation are cared for. However, I think that our elderly members may feel a bit left out, especially during this holiday season. May I suggest that we form a group whose sole purpose is to fellowship and provide useful activities for the elderly? They have so much to give, and we need to provide an opportunity for them to do so.

If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

Example Letter #2


Even though snow still covers the ground, I have been thinking of spring and with that, Mother's Day. I have heard that some congregations honor mothers on that Sunday with a flower or other small gift, and it struck me as a nice gesture. I think it would be good to give each mother a small rose or a potted plant such as a geranium. I favor a potted plant because it would last at least through the summer. I know that cost is always a concern, but the horticulture club at the university grows plants to raise funds, and the cost is very reasonable. If the idea appeals to you, I will be happy to look into the matter and give you more specific information. Please let me know whether this is something you would like to do.

Example Letter #3


Because of the aging population of our congregation, many members have suffered the death of close family and friends. Pain from these losses is difficult to overcome but can perhaps be lessened if shared with others.

I propose that we help organize a support group for these individuals and allow them to meet weekly in the church library. I would like to be a member of such a group and volunteer to be of service.

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