Invite or Request Suggestions from Employees and Customers

Example Letter #1


In our ongoing efforts to cut production costs, we turn to you who are closest to the production process to make suggestions on how we can be more efficient without compromising quality. Please place your written ideas in the box provided in the break room. We will select the five best suggestions and give those who submit them gift certificates for dinners for two at the Springfield Inn. We will appreciate your best ideas to help us with this problem.

Example Letter #2


We want to hear your ideas on how to bring more customers into our garden area during January and February. We encourage each of you to write your suggestions on paper and put them in the office suggestion box. We are awarding two free dinners at Does for the winning suggestion. All employees can benefit through our profit sharing plan if our garden area can be made more productive through the winter months. I know the best ideas come from our employees, and I look forward to your suggestions.

Example Letter #3


We sincerely welcome suggestions from employees on how to both improve our product and our customer services. To encourage you to make suggestions, we are instituting a system for rewarding the employee whose suggestion the company chooses to implement. Each month management will select the best idea and award a bonus to the winner. The bonus will consist of a gift certificate or a half day off with pay.

Example Letter #4


Over the years, some of our best ideas have come from our customers. Our annual spring sale was a customer's idea. So was the new couch in the women's clothing section of our store. Recently we have accepted the suggestion that we give $100 in store credit for each suggestion we use. Next time you are in our store, stop by our suggestion box and let us know what we can do better. Who knows, you may be the first $100 recipient. We want to hear from you.

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