From the Time We First Spoke • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


I am so thankful I met you and that we are together now. I have loved you from the first time I heard you speak and from the first time you looked into my eyes. Right now we are having some problems with our relationship, but I know that together we will be strong and will overcome everything and everybody that tries to get in our way. Over the last few months, I kept falling in love with you more and more with each passing day. Thank you for teaching me to be strong and to be a better person. I hope we last forever and have a family someday, because you are the person I want to share my whole life with.

Example Letter #2


When I first talked to you on the phone, I knew you were someone special. Now, whenever I am not with you, I miss you so much. Every second of my life, I know I have found someone special. I will always be grateful for your sweetness, and I'm happy now just to have you in my life.

Let's continue as we are and stay true to one another. That first phone call was not the last, and we are getting to know one another better through long talks and long walks.