Heart Grows Fonder • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


After almost 41 years of marriage, I miss you as if we were newlyweds. I love you and can't wait till these three weeks apart will be over. I think of the passionate love-making awaiting both of us when I return. It will be like a second honeymoon to embrace you and make passionate love to you once again.

I love you, I need you, and I want you as if I had just fallen in love with you for the first time. Absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder.

Example Letter #2


It truly seems like I've known you forever, and I really can't imagine life without you anymore. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts, and no regrets. I love you and only you, and my love grows stronger every day. We know that life can hit us with events that take us totally by surprise. I want you to know that your capacity for love, caring, and understanding has taken me by surprise, and it still never ceases to amaze me! I've truly been blessed to find you, and now I will never let you go!