Heart-felt Love


Words can become a burden, when it is you that I am trying to express my love to. You see, it is a very deep, heart-felt love! One that only the right words can do justice to.

You lighten my day regardless of what the day may be. If it is raining, the very thought of you turns the raindrops into drops of love that saturates my very soul with the assurance that I will never have to be without your love again.

Am I dreaming? Is it real? These are the questions that I asked myself when I awaken from the experience of your love for me. Then I realize that it is real. You do love me and I do love you! What joy! That is something that I never had before, and when it is threatened, my body goes through spasms or something. I experience pains like I never thought possible. The fact is, I love you with a heart-felt love that is beyond verbal expression. For you give me joy.

When I touch your hands it becomes an experience that can only be compared with the ecstasy of love's climax. Kissing your lips takes me to places that people only experience in fantasies. What is it that you do to me? I'll tell you. You give me love, the kind of love that can't be bought or haphazardly found. It is the kind of love that can only just happen once in a lifetime with someone as unique as you are.

So, while I know that it would be beneath what I really and truly feel in my heart for you, just let me express my heart-felt love for you by merely saying, I love you.