I Love You • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


Hello, my future spouse! You don't know how much I love you. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Whenever I have a problem and need any comfort, you are always there for me. You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. You probably don't know just how much I appreciate, admire, trust, respect, and over-all love you. I know you are the only one for me.

Being away from you is so hard now. I want to be with you this moment, even as I write to you. When I think of this separation as a test, then I can deal with it. If this is what it takes to eventually be with you, then I can go through it.

I want to thank you for coming into my life. You took me by surprise. I didn't think that I could be so lucky as to find you, but now that I have, I don't ever want to let go. You have taught me the true meaning of love. You have brought me more love, joy, and happiness than anyone has ever shown me. I have so much joy in my life now, and I owe it all to you. I love you so much! You and I have shared so much together already, and we have been through so much already that you have become an essential part of my life. I couldn't ever let you go now.

I love you because you bring out the best in me. I love your terrific sense of humor. Every time I look at you, my heart skips a beat. You're the only one who holds the key to my heart. You always say what I need to hear. Love is just what you mean to me, and you mean everything. I doubt if either one of us thought we could have met someone on the Internet and fall in love the way we did, but it happened, and I have no regrets. In fact, it is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am very grateful. Words could not express how much joy you have brought me.

I am writing this to you now to let you know I will never forget the day we crossed paths. Over and over I replay in my mind our online chat and then our first telephone conversation! You make me feel so happy and complete. If I hadn't met you, I know I'd still be searching for someone like you. Although I don't say it as often I should, I am telling you now that I want you, I need you, and I love you.

Thank you for all the beautiful e-mails you have sent me. You are my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate all in one. We have both gone through so much in our lives. We've both been hurt and have lost trust in others, but I'm glad you've given me another chance as I've given you one. I just ask you to love me as I am and not to hurt me. I want you to know that I won't hurt you.

From this moment on, we have each other and can enjoy being in each other's arms. When I say I love you, I truly mean it. Of all the people in this world, you're the only one I run to now. Your name was inscribed in my heart before I ever knew it belonged to you. From the moment we met all those years ago, I knew you were the one. I whisper your name every morning when I wake up and whenever I think of you. I am who I am now because of you, and without you I would start to fall apart. You have given me a new outlook on the world and, through the times when darkness covered it, you were always the light.

Example Letter #2


I want you to know how much I love you. We have been through so much these past few months, but our love has always come out on top. You mean so much to me, and I want so much to make you as happy as you make me. Each passing day has me falling more in love with you. You can do the slightest thing and it warms me. Most of the time you don't even realize it. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I never knew that love could be so wonderful until I met you. You have given me a new perspective on so many things. I will always treasure our love and keep it safe. I love you, Baby.

Example Letter #3


I don't know where to start to tell you all the incredible things my heart is feeling. I don't want my letter to say all the usual things someone will say when they're in love. I am just so happy to finally find someone who truly loves me, who really cares, and not just another person who comes into my life to play with my heart for a little while, and then leave. I want to thank you for being my friend. You mean everything to me. I want to tell you I love you, and I want to make you happy always. Thank you for giving me what no one has ever been able to give me before--you!