I Need Not Tell You

Sample Letter #1

I need not explain how we met, because you walked the exact same way toward me as I walked to find you. I need not tell you how much I love you, because we speak the same language. I need not explain to you the depths of our love, because you have sat with me in the center of its depths. I need not tell you about the freedom of what we say, because we are not chained by words. I need not tell you about the tenderness of touch, because we have both held each other's hands and felt butterflies in our hearts. I need not tell you about the magic of a whisper, because we have listened with our souls. No one needed to explain to us what darkness felt like, because we were lost in it before. No one needed to teach us how it felt to step into the light, because we both had to shut our eyes when the bright light of love surrounded us. I need not tell you about the power of peace, because we've been lovers in each other's worlds of sand, where colors speak with words. I need not tell you about the importance of a single second now, either, because we have tasted the sweetness of a heavenly moment and the bitterness of when it's not long enough. I need not tell you how hearts can break and how they are mended, because we mended each other's broken hearts when we first met.

I need not tell you about fear, because we have seen it move through us in many forms and through many layers. I need not tell you how it moves or how long it stays, because we don't always know. I need not tell you about longing, because we have heard its screams in the dead of the night. I need not tell you about stillness, because in the stillness we've known has been the deepest, most powerful silence. I need not tell you about power, because we know that power is not in strength, but in truth and in knowing, but most of all in loving. I need not tell you about our love because true love is what has grown from the inside and finally has shown in each other's eyes.

Nobody needs to tell us anything now, because we know everything! Love has filled our hearts with all there is to know and learn. All I pray is that time and life will bring you back to me--soon.

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