I Want You • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


I am sitting here, thinking about you, thinking about all the things we've talked about, all the things we've said to each other, thinking about the many times we said, "I love you" to each other. Those three words have never lost their value, even though we've said them more than a hundred times to one another. I know you are somewhere on the other side of the world, thinking about me too. Wherever you are, I walk by your side. When you go to bed, I am laying down with you. When you sit down to eat, I sit next to you, too. When you are combing your hair, I am there kissing and stroking it, smelling the shampoo you use. I am so in love with you--and I can even feel you here beside me, holding me, saying, "Love, come with me." I would come with you anywhere without hesitation.

My love, all I am saying now is that I am so happy to have found you. You mean everything to me. You are my earth, my water, my sun, and my moon. You are everything that gives life in my world, everything that maintains life around me. Having you with me is like being reborn. Before you, I was dead. I was like a zombie wandering around with no destination, or a robot that people commanded. I didn't have a life with any meaning. Now I have you, and all I want to do is be with you and feel you near me. I want you to know that you are wanted--how much? That is not something I can describe in words. I can't wait until I can kiss you, hold you, and just show you how much you are wanted. We will be together soon. It will warm my heart just to look in your beautiful green eyes again. I love you so much!

Example Letter #2


I have never encountered someone as radiant, or as beautiful, and as kind as you are. The mere sight of you, the simple hint of your voice, quickens my pulse and awakens hope and wonder in me. I never imagined someone could be so open or so caring. Every day, I feel grateful for just having met you.

You are full of life. Your personality is so vibrant and unique. I want to discover everything there is to understand about you. In truth, I can no longer envision my life without you. Although our paths are new and our tracks are fresh, our first steps together have reassured me of one thing: I wish to have you next to me always. I wish to spend my life with you.