Love Is the Bright Horizon


Love is the bright horizon on life's dark path. It shines in our faces and even sometimes blinds us, but we are fortunate that love exists at all. Love is the enchanter; it is magic. It can turn what was once a lonely life into a life with a one single breath that is suddenly worth living. Love can also find what was hopelessly lost and turn it into what is found and filled with joy. Love is filled with such wonder and magic, kind of like someone I know now!

She is my reason for being, although I do not say it often enough. She is the kindest person I have ever known and probably ever will know. If she ran to the edge of the earth, I would be there to catch her before she fell. Our hearts are bound by love and magic for eternity. My love for her reaches to the furthest star in the universe, and there it has blossomed as light from the horizon on my darkest path. I love you.