Only a Few Are Lucky

Sample Letter #1

I told you when we first met that only a few are lucky enough to find true love. It's a gift from above. I only hoped that in my lifetime I would find that one true love that only a few are lucky enough to find. I have been given that gift, the gift of true love. In you I have found the one true love for a lifetime. I have found the most amazing man in the world. You are everything I had dreamed of and more. I only imagined what it would be like, and you are beyond what I imagined. You are the most loving, intelligent, kind, and handsome man in the world. I am one of the few who are lucky enough to find true love. I love you more than this letter can express. Baby, you're the best. You are my true love today, tomorrow, and forever and a day. I love you, Baby!

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