Real Love • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


I want to assure you that the love existing in our relationship is void of fantasy and can't be labeled "a whirlwind romance," or any other fictional romance. Without any shadow of a doubt, our love is authentic and real.

I love you not only because of your physical beauty, but for your decency, delicacy, kindness, and other admirable qualities. I can't help but dote on you. All the love I feel towards you comes straight from my heart. I love you!

Example Letter #2


When you walked past me for the first time, and I caught a glimpse of your eyes behind the strands of your blonde hair, something changed inside me. At that moment, before we even spoke a word to one another, I knew we would always be together.

Some would say this is the stuff that fairy tales are made of, but nothing is more real or more certain than my love for you. When you brush my cheek with your hand, I feel it all over me. With each step that you take and each word that you speak, my heart skips a beat.

Every day, I vow to express these feelings to you, but every time I try and you look me in the eyes, my emotions become too strong, and I simply become speechless. But please know that these are those lost words--the words that I want to say: I love you. I will love you forever.

Example Letter #3


I must be honest. Before meeting you, I doubted the true existence of love. Amid the obstacles and competitions of daily life and the rapid and cold progression of facts and figures, love had grown to be more of a myth for me, something only written about and dreamed about. Love was something without real existence. I even started to imagine that people, out of the basic need to believe, had created the very concept of love itself. Someone had said that religion was the opium of the masses, but for me, love was that drug.

You stripped me of these doubts, and made me realize that nothing--not the air, not the earth, not the sea, was more real than our love. I thank you for reviving me, for filling my life with hope and tenderness, and for reminding me of the purity of life and the purity of love. I am exhilarated by every ounce of you and by every moment we are together.

I love you now, and I will love you always.