Replacing the Old With the New


There were times before when I thought I had found true love, a love so intense and real that I would forever be caught in its spell forever. Then the time would come when I realized I was mistaken. I spent the most agonizing days of my life after my great love ended with sleepless nights and my pillow always wet with tears. I always thought I was losing my mind and mourn for what turned out to be just a short-lived love.

And then I met you, a new friend. No sooner did we meet than I found out you had suffered the same anguish as I had just a month ago. I found it comforting to talk to you about the pain and misery of losing a love I thought would last. Somehow we never felt embarrassed talking to each other about our heartaches. It seemed to bring each of us some relief.

Even though we still have the reassuring friendship we started out with, I'm happy it has grown into so much more. You turned out to be my best friend and companion. You saved me from misery and loneliness. I wasn't yearning anymore for my old love to come back, nor desperately seeking a new love. I was content just to spend time with you. I love your company, your intelligence, and your wonderful sense of humor. I love the way you make me look forward to waking up again in the morning, and the way you make me go to sleep with a smile on my face. More than anything else, I love you for just being you. I'm in love with you. I love you, and I'll always love you.