Sweet Man In My Dreams


When I met you I had a poor outlook on the way things were and the way things are supposed to be, but since I met you I have become a better person, a complete person with a better outlook on life. I truly knew when I met you I found the right person to spend the rest of my life with. I know that you will stand by me in all kinds of hardships and bad situations, instead of turning and walking away. You are the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think of at night as I drift off to sleep.

I am so lucky to have you to love, and I am so lucky that you love me. Everything bad I have suffered in my life that I thought was so unfair was worth it if I had to go through it all to get to you. I've gotten through it all to get to the man I saw in my dreams.

The thought of being apart from you now makes me never want to take a moment I have with you for granted. Just being together and lying in your arms makes me so happy. I don't ever want you to forget even in the darkest hours how much I love you or how much you mean to me or just how happy you have made me and continue to make me every single day. I want you to know today and always that I will love you forever!