Thanks For All the Love

Sample Letter #1

I want to send you my thoughts, so that you may be able to read them and reread them whenever you are lonely. I need to tell you how happy you make me and how much I respect and admire you. We have been together for many years. In all that time, I am constantly amazed at your ability to stay focused on what is good in life. I respect and admire your positive attitude and your ability to pick yourself up and start over again when things go against you.

Your positive attitude has spilled over, and I find that I see things in a healthier way now. I see that the glass is half-filled and not half-empty. Thanks to you, I worry less and sleep better. I appreciate your love, your kindness, and your positive outlook. I know that all these great experiences come from experiencing your love. Thanks for all the love that you show me.

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