There's Only You and Me Now


Ever since that warm September night when fate lured us into our first meeting, my past, present, and future all feel like they have been blended together into a single paradoxical existence. I seem to experience everything when I'm with you now as if in the vibrant colors of that Dali painting about a melting clock in a dream about the future. Now I feel like I have known you for all eternity and that I have loved you all that time, too.

In one timeless month, your happiness has become essential to mine. I have turned into an avid collector of your smiles and expressions of joy, striving to expand this valuable collection every day. The gems I gather illuminate my nights so brightly that nightmares can no longer even haunt my sleeping hours. Nothing makes my spirit glow as radiantly as being able to spend time alone with you, sharing our hearts and minds as the outer world slips away, and all that exists is our own world with only us in it.