To My Loving Husband


Every day without you seems like an eternity. The days I spend with you seem like only fleeting moments in my memory and, yet, my mind is filled with nothing but memories of you and me.

The way you look at me with that special light in your eyes, the sound of your voice, full of so much love and tenderness when you call my name, the touch of your hand--those are a few beautiful memories of you.

I bless the day we found each other. I'm grateful that you took a chance on our love. I'm happy I followed my heart until you found me.

You are truly my best friend and the only man in the world for me. There are no words to describe the depth of my feeling for you. There are no actions that can convey the way I feel. As I promised, I will spend the next 200 years trying to show you how much your love means to me.