With You For Eternity


My love, you are my life. I love you more than anything, more than I have loved anyone before. I can see myself being with you for eternity now and being eternally happy. When you are happy and you smile at me, my heart melts, and I wonder how I could be so lucky as to find someone so wonderful to love and who would love me, too. When you are sad, my heart breaks, and I want to do whatever is in my power to make you smile your beautiful smile in return. When you are upset with me, my heart aches, and I can think of nothing but how I regret whatever it is I may have done.

I desperately need your love and your affection, and I feel that without it I would shrivel up into nothing and disappear. You are so beautiful. You are so beautiful. I look in the mirror and wonder how someone like you could want me. You are all that I could ever want--partner, friend, and lover. You are amazing, wonderful, sexy, beautiful, playful, alluring, sensual, loving, caring--undeniably the most perfect person I have ever met or that could ever be. I can't imagine where I would be or what I would do without you in my life.

I look back on the day that I told you was serendipity. Meeting you has made me believe in fate. We were meant to be. Now and forever we belong to each other. After loving you, I could never want anyone else. I hope we will happily travel through our lives together until we are that perfect middle-aged couple people, good-naturedly making jokes at each other's expense, only to laugh, then go upstairs and make love.

I love you so much that these words cannot begin to express the emotion. There are no words that can really express how I feel about you and how truly and deeply I love you.