Yes, I Do Love You

Sample Letter #1

Hey, Baby, how are you? I miss you. You have been away so long now. But while you are away, I thought I would write and tell you something that has been on my mind for awhile now. Remember how you asked me if I loved you? Yes, I do love you. In fact, I have loved you for a long time now, but have been too shy to show you my feelings. See, I have been hurt before, and I really didn't want to get hurt again, but then I later realized that you really do love me. You actually do understand me, and you really do care about me. I thought I should let you know how I feel before you think I don't care. When you come back from your trip, we will be able to talk about it more. So, the answer to your question for now is--yes, I really do love you.

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