You Believe In Me


Sitting here and thinking back on how you have made my life so much better, I could never begin to tell you what your love means to me. You have shown me countless times how much you care and how much you believe in me. You have given me the strength to give up something that has had a hold on my life for a very long time. Without you, I don't think I could be able to follow my dreams, much less have someone like you stand beside me.

I know I tell you all the time how amazing you are--and you ARE! You're an incredible woman. I don't believe there is anything you can't do. The way you make me feel is like nothing I've ever felt before. I know I'm a very impatient person, and I am trying hard to do the right thing, but the more time I spend with you and the more time we talk and do things together makes me realize that this is our life's plan. This is how our life together is supposed to start, and sometimes I know it's hard for us to deal with, but in the end we'll be stronger and able to handle just about anything that comes our way. We have gotten through the hard part, Babe, now all we have is the easy, downhill slide.

You have brought out the better part of me--the part that I put away a long time ago and thought I'd never be able to find again. You make everything so simple and easy for me, and with you in my life I don't need to hide that part of me anymore. What you make me feel for you is nothing short of ultimate happiness. You are in my thoughts, my dreams, my desires but, most of all, in my heart!

You are my baby girl, my sweetheart and, most of all, my future wife! I love you now and always, today, tomorrow, and forever!