You Came Back


Ever since we started talking, it has been like a dream no one else dreamed before. To know that you were affectionate towards me is almost indescribable. At first I could not believe it, because back then the very image of you and me together was always kept in the secret vault of my mind. Every night, the dream would always be caught in the wandering webs of sleep and, every night, I would dream of you. I always longed for the time I went to sleep each night, just so that in my dreams I would be able to see you; however, every morning, I would weep because the dream that contained you faded away.

The time you left me was like a hot knife stabbing at my heart. People would pity me for they knew how much you meant to me. It was never pity I wanted, though. It was only you that I wanted. It was you that I wanted to talk to, to touch, and to hold. Everywhere, images and objects that related to you seemed to jump out at me more than ever. Every piece brought me closer to the feeling of being crushed, and every piece pierced my heart like the scythe from the Grim Reaper. I could not stop thinking of you. I could not stop having nightmares, and I could not stop longing for you.

But then, a miracle appeared out of nowhere. You returned from that distant place I loathed. Your voice sang like music, and your tone changed back to the same way it was the first time we started talking. My desires were quenched as I held you that night, as we held each other so warm and tight. Hot knives were pulled away and replaced by Cupid's darts. All wounds were mended with the warmth of your presence. All the depressing thoughts of the past were instantly washed away, for it seemed nothing but happiness would enter the gate to my heart. I want you to know, I will always be there for you. I will always protect you under my wings, for you mean so much to me. I want you to know that I am full of joy now, for I know you have come back to me.