You Make a New Me


Before I met you, I never knew I could be madly in love again. As soon as I met you, my heart met joy and my soul felt peace. I was like a land without water, where every plant witnesses drought. I was like a rose without pollen, deserted by every bee. When I found you, a new me was made.

Sometime in our lifetime, we meet someone we had no expectation of meeting. Sometimes you meet a special someone and your world experience changes. I met you and started realizing why I have to stay in this world a little longer. There are times I searched for someone who cared for me and loved me, but I never found, until the day I wanted to just give up hope. But as I started to fall, I met your soft, tender hands waiting to lift me up and show me love and care.

My heart accelerated at the speed of light, and every time I breathe now, I hear the rhythms of your sweet name, so melodious and charming. With every beat of my heart, I feel the depth of my love for you. Maybe it's because I keep you in the innermost parts of my heart and my soul. Sometimes I even try to stop loving you, but then I realize, "My heart will never cease passing impulses of my love for you to my soul, because my love for you is burning out of control."