You Make Me Happy • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


I love your cards so much. When I read them, I feel warm and happy inside. Now when I look at your picture, I miss you so much--all day and all night. I wonder what you are doing now and how things are going for you at work. Is everything okay? Darling, if you were here, we would be having our meals together or going out together. I want to put my arms around you when I think about this. I feel so happy. I want to tell you more and more how I feel. I love you so much.

Example Letter #2


What I want to say is very simple. Thank you for coming into my life! Thank you for loving me and for teaching me that we can care deeply for each other and still have fun and also be free. You make me very happy, happier than I can describe, and I hope that we will provide joy for each other and fulfill each other for many, many years to come.