Passion • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


Last night was more intense and more passionate than I could have ever imagined. We are the perfect match, you and I, the perfect lovers and, finding you, coming together with you, was a douse of cold water in the middle of a drought. All that is inside of me was nourished by you--the sparks of hope, beauty, and life. Now that we are apart, my longing to share another night with you and share our secret passion again fills my every waking moment. Until then, I will hold the memory of our passion dear to me.

Example Letter #2


What can I say to make you see that I will always love you? How can I convey the depth of my passion and longing? When I look into your eyes, I feel my heart pounding inside my body. When I kiss your lips, every nerve in my skin comes alive. Like air and earth, like sunshine and shade, you are essential to my world. Like food and water, without you I could not survive.

Stay with me always. Always give me your warm touch, your loving look, and your kind words. I need you, and I will love you and cherish you forever. Until my very last breath, I am yours and yours alone.