Meant to Be • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


It's almost impossible to express how much I love you. How can I describe the beautiful emotions coursing through me, emotions telling me that our love was meant to be? The thought of seeing you, holding you, touching you, and kissing you--there's nothing on earth I would rather be doing.

Words are often thought to be misleading, but right now, you must believe me: these words come from my heart, a heart you have deeply affected. I love you, and I will love for you for as long as I live. When you need me, I will always be there for you. You mean everything to me, and you take my breath away!

Example Letter #2


Even now, I remember the very first time our eyes met when the room was crowded with laughter and smoke. Even though several bodies were between us, your eyes called out to me through that thick atmosphere. You stared into my very soul. Even without words, you said: "I am yours. I am meant to be yours."

We both know how the next moments unfolded, and how the following years brought us joy. It has been amazing and beyond my dreams. The future will be this beautiful, if not more so. Of course, we don't know exactly what to expect, or what we will create or experience together. This uncertainty is a blessing in itself, because we must approach it together. Whatever we do together will be a blessing and can bring us nothing but fulfillment and success.

I love you and want to move forward with you always by my side.