Three Little Words


I love you! Three amazing little words! They say so much, yet cannot begin to convey the intricacy of my feelings--how you have captured my heart, and have become more and more each day a vital part of my life. These three wonderful little words cannot fully express how indelibly embedded in my mind you are, how I think of you constantly, reflecting on each conversation, and on each card and letter that we have shared.

I love you! How can these words describe how much of a part of me you have become? How can they tell you that you are what has been missing from my life? How can they express how desperately I need you? How can they tell you of all the peace, joy, pleasure, and satisfaction that is now within my heart because of you?

I love you! These three words seemingly cannot express all the things that are in my heart, mind, and soul. Yet, somehow, magically, they tell it all. I love you!