Hope You Feel the Same • Letter Examples

Example Letter #1


I can remember our first moments together as though they were just yesterday. I can remember the words you spoke and the tender tone of your voice. I can even remember the way your eyes looked at me so lovingly. In those moments, I felt released into a world of hope and possibility, and I knew we were right for each other.

The months since that meeting have been the richest and most rewarding of my life. You have impacted my world in every way imaginable, and all I think about now is how great our future could be and how many beautiful moments we could have together. I wish I could find words to express my many feelings for you. In the end, though, I just want you to know that I need you and love you so much. I just hope you feel the same.

Example Letter #2


The love I feel for you is stronger than I could ever describe. You are a miracle to me--every part of you feels like a miracle. Your eyes glow with your tenderness and attention. Your smile casts a spell. Your kisses intoxicate me and fill me with yearning. Your scent--there's nothing in the world quite as rich and inviting!

I love everything about you. With each new day, with each new word from your mouth, and with each new touch of your embrace, I fall further and further in love with you. There's no turning back for me. I am yours and yours alone--now and always.