I Wish You Were Mine


No day goes by without my thinking of you. You are such a great person that I find it hard to believe that you were single for such a long time. It is not easy to be a single Dad, but you do a good job and your children are happy. Each time that I see you, I find you more attractive and more appealing. Not only do your outward looks appeal to me, but I am attracted to you because you have a wonderful sense of humor, and your children seem to admire you and love you. They certainly appear to know that their Dad loves them.

Are you truly happy being single now? You say that you are afraid of a commitment. I can understand that because I am, too. We have seen one another a good many times now, and I am beginning to be less afraid of a commitment. I feel that I want a permanent relationship with you, because we have a good time together, and I hate to say "goodbye" at the end of the evening. But I look forward to the new plans we make, because we need to see each other again.

I guess I am saying that I wish you were mine. I don't want to be without you or have to go home and stare at empty walls. I am asking you to think about marriage. I love your children and I promise to treat them as though they were my own. I promise to love, honor, and cherish you. Will you be mine? That would make me so happy. That's because I love you so much. Please be mine.