My Love Who Is Leaving Me


Sometimes I lie in bed at night, sleepless, restless, and alone with my thoughts of living without you. I think about how you will be leaving me for a better place, a place where nothing can harm you, a place where you will know nothing but peace and happiness. I take some comfort in that.

So, my love, pick the whitest, fluffiest cloud to pass your days on, and pick the brightest star to brighten your nights. When I look to the sky, I will know that you are up there looking down on me. Whenever the wind whispers softly, it will remind me of you, and I will smile. You will always remain in my heart, and I will forever remember you.

As I sit here writing this letter, I have tears in my eyes, but I smile when I think about having you as my special angel. You will forever be loved and never forgotten. You will always have my heart, no matter how far from me you are. I know in my soul we will never be far apart, because our souls are bound by a love that knows no end.