Please Give This a Chance


We've become very close in the past six weeks, closer than either of us even imagined we could be. I'm a little scared, too. I fear you might not give us a chance the most. If you let the fears you're having stop us from giving this a chance, then we'll never know what it could have been like, and we'll regret it.

There's something between us. I have no idea what it is, but I do know that it's good. Whatever it is that makes it so easy for us to be together is definitely something good.

I wish I knew more of what to say to you. I wish that I knew something, anything to say that would encourage you to call me. All I want is to hear your sweet voice, and to tell you that whatever we have, whatever it brings, it is okay. If we meet, and something doesn't click, then if we're just friends who understand each other, that would be great, too. If we do click, then we will begin the most amazing ride of our lives. Either way, we win. So why forfeit all of this, when you're already a sure winner? Give us a chance. Please call me.