Sample Letter #1

The day you left me, I felt so empty inside. I knew part of the reason you were leaving was because of me. I tried to do everything I could to keep you here, but I guess you needed space. I thought that when you left I wouldn't feel any love anymore, but the truth may be that true love never does go away.

The day you left was the hardest thing I ever experienced because I still loved you. I don't think the love I have for you will ever die, no matter how much you make me cry, and no matter what you said to me. That's because I will never forget all the happy moments that we shared together.

The day you left me, I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to call you, but I continued to hope that one day you would miss me and would want to see me again. I would probably still agree to see you and to talk about us, if you called me. I don't know. Call me and find out.

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