The Love I have Wanted


It was a shock when you spoke about having a family. The words that you have expressed to me were the words that I wanted to hear for many years. You say that you are willing to prove everything to me to make it happen, and I am willing to be patient to see where we go.

Somehow, I feel that you will be a man of your word, and I feel that I will also hold true to my words. I want the two of us to be happy. I want you to be my soul mate, my partner through life. I want to see us grow old together, if that is what you are ready for. I feel like I have always known you in the past, and I want to know you forever in the future. Maybe what I am saying is crazy or just a fantasy, but I know that it is a special dream for me to be with you. I can see us being together and caring for each other like my mother and father. That is not too much to ask. You are the love that I have always wanted, and I promise to love you through the good times and the bad times.