Things to Do With You


Here are a few things I want to do with you as we go through life together:

Walk together in the rain.

Watch the sunset together.

Stargaze together under a clear night sky.

Spend all day together doing nothing.

Take moonlit walks on the beach.

Go on a carriage ride through Central Park.

Do a crossword puzzle together.

Have a champagne brunch and then go home.

Go on a horseback ride at twilight.

Have our picture taken together.

Eat ice cream sundaes together.

Make love passionately.

Go to a museum together.

Discuss current events in a heated debate.

Carve our names in a heart on a tree.

Ice skate or roller skate together.

Give each other a backrub just because it feels good.

Go hiking and camping together.

Other things are too many to mention, except that I want to marry you!