Remind a Customer That Payment Is Past Due — Collections 2 of 6

Example Letter #1


We know that you are busy during the summer months. You may have overlooked your first payment on the books you ordered. Please take out your checkbook while you have this reminder in your hand and write that check for $40 now. We look forward to your prompt payment.

Example Letter #2


I understand how busy you are and realize that you may have forgotten to send us your payment. I still have not received your $25.00 check, which includes late fees for December, 2018. Please do not procrastinate any longer. Send your payment as soon as possible. If my records are incorrect or if you have other concerns, call me at 555-5555.

Example Letter #3


This is the second reminder we have sent you regarding the balance on your account. Please be aware that your account is now thirty days past due. We need your immediate payment in order to avoid transferring your account to a collection agency.

Example Letter #4


We understand how a busy person can overlook making a bill payment. Our records show that your June payment is still outstanding. If you have not yet mailed your payment for $100, please remit it immediately. Thank you.

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