Appeal to a Customer's Personal Interests to Pay an Overdue Bill — Collections 3 of 6

Sample Letter #1


We are surprised we have not received your $40 overdue payment. We wonder why you have not responded to our two previous reminders. We value you as a customer, and urge you to safeguard your good credit by sending us your check today.

Sample Letter #2


Please refer to the two prior notices (April 10; May 10) regarding your outstanding debt. As of the date of this letter, we still have not received payment. If you fail to pay this bill your credit will be tarnished. We feel certain that you are sincere in wanting to pay your bill and that you will remit payment within the next ten days. Please respond immediately.

Sample Letter #3


This is the third notice we have sent you about your past due account. I am sure you are aware that delinquent payments can jeopardize your excellent credit record. Please take a moment right now to send us your June payment of $100, so your credit history remains unaffected.

Sample Letter #4


Our records show that your account is past due $64.00. A late charge of $20.00 has been added to your balance and will be on your next statement. Please check your records to determine whether you have made the payment.

State law requires us to notify you that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill your credit obligations.

If you have sent your payment, please disregard this reminder. Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.

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