Offer Assistance to a Customer Having Difficulty Paying an Overdue Bill — Collections 4 of 6

Example Letter #1


We are at a loss to know why you have not responded to our three previous notices. Your credit standing is now at risk. Please call us immediately at 555-5555 to discuss your delinquent account. Perhaps we can arrange an alternate payment schedule to clear your overdue balance.

Example Letter #2


More likely than not, you have noticed our series of letters encouraging you to pay the amount you owe on your Doe account. We still have not received your reply or payment. Certainly you are aware that neglecting to pay this outstanding bill will harm your good credit. Please call or write to us immediately regarding this matter. If there is some pressing reason for your neglect, we may explore other payment options.

Example Letter #3


This is the fourth notice we have sent you about your past due account. I am sure you are aware that delinquent accounts can jeopardize your excellent credit record. Please take a moment right now to send us your June payment of $100, so your credit history remains unaffected. If you are unable to make the required payment, please contact us so we can make other payment arrangements.

Example Letter #4


Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your current financial situation. We appreciate your concern. We understand that you are not able to make the minimum required payment at this time.

We would like to help you. Our goal is to set up a mutually agreeable payment plan. To do this, please call 555-5555 to discuss your options. We will be happy to work with you.

Example Letter #5


I need to call your attention once again to the overdue balance of $777 on your account. I am sure you realize what a negative effect this failure to pay has on your credit rating.

Your failure to respond to my previous letters leads me to believe that you may suffer from some financial embarrassment. If this is the case, please call me at 555-5555, so that we can work out an appropriate payment schedule.

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