Remind an Organization Member to Pay a Fee, Duty, or Pledge

Sample Letter #1


Thank you for your generous pledge of $2,000 toward construction of the Doe Club House. The ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for March 25, and we hope all pledges will be paid before that event. Please write your check now and forward it in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

Sample Letter #2


As you may be aware, quarterly club dues of $56.00 are to be paid by Saturday, April 13, 2019. Please send your check in the envelope enclosed. Thank you for your prompt attention.

Sample Letter #3


Thank you for your recent pledge of $500 to KSPR, Springfield's only public radio station. Please mail your check in the envelope provided. Thank you for your generosity.

Sample Letter #4


It's June again, and the yearly membership fee for our houseboat association are due. Because it is time for our five-year boat overhaul, the fees for this year are a little bit higher for each family. Please remit the amount shown on your statement in the enclosed envelope by July 1.

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