Grateful Love


Baby, I don't even know where to begin! From the first time we talked to each other, I knew you were special. Words cannot even express how I felt the first time we met. It seemed so natural, like we'd known one another for years. Truth is, it's been just under six weeks. I never knew I could feel this strongly about someone this soon, but you proved me wrong. Every time I see the beach or a sunset, I think about that night. Actually, I think about that day and night all the time.

It's hard for me to tell you how I feel, because no one in my previous relationships has wanted what we have. And if they had, I was afraid to tell them I cared because I was afraid of being hurt. Please bear with me, I'm working on it. I will slowly be able to tell you how I feel and what I'm thinking.

I read this quote today and it's made me think: "The best way to love is to love like you've never been hurt." That fits my situation 100 percent. I kept dwelling on the past and what everyone else has done to me. After reading those words, I realized I cannot be with you and be happy and still dwell on what other guys have done to me. I am with you--not them. I need to concentrate on making you happy and letting you make me happy. Up until this point, you've been different than any other guy. I know that you wouldn't hurt me, at least intentionally. That's why you are different. I know you care about me and want to be with me. I am sorry I have doubted that before. There has not been a moment in the past six weeks when I have doubted my feelings for you.

You've walked into my life and totally turned it around. I was so depressed and torn up about what had happened to me in the last year or so that I was ready to give up. You gave me the hope that I needed to keep on going. I am so grateful for having you in my life. I've been waiting for someone just like you to walk into my life. Thank you for everything.

One last thing before I go. I have wanted to tell you something, but have not been able to bring myself to do so--

I love you!