I Need Your 'Yes'

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How to Write a Love Letter

The Love Letter

How to Write the Perfect Love Letter

Sample Letter #1

This letter is my heart-template in which my burning feelings for you will finally be expressed. If you can remember, I sat by your side at the Public Library, only two days ago.

I really enjoyed the special moments I spent with you at the library. You struck me as being mild-mannered and sophisticated. In fact, your elevated words added some seasoning to my life. Sitting by your side that day, I was totally captivated by your charm and good looks. If you noticed, I was not wholeheartedly doing the assignment given to me. You were my total preoccupation, believe me. I wondered why I should ever get carried away by somebody I hadn't met before. Are there any particular things that I was hungry for that I found in you? I don't know. I just quickly realized how exquisitely beautiful and unique you are. Your long, wavy hair, tied back with a ribbon, really intoxicated me. I must confess, I have fallen in love with you, my dear. I watched myself slowly gravitate towards you. Since that day, it appears that our lives can be like the lives of the world's famous lovers.

To me, you're a rose that should be protected from thorns, a delicate angel who needs a defender. To be your defender, I promise that I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy and keep you safe.

I'm serious when I say, "I love you." I usually rhapsodize about your outstanding natural beauty to my friends. Your beauty hit me with a force of a poetic sledgehammer. I love you and cherish you. You're an angel personified.

I'm longing to wrap my arms around you to soothe my aching heart. I just need you to say, "I do."

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