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How to Write a Love Letter

The Love Letter

How to Write the Perfect Love Letter

Sample Letter #1

I just had to let you know that these last two days without talking to you have given me time to think about how I really feel about you. I have decided that I am definitely, hopelessly, in love with you. What made me realize this is not because I think about you all the time, although I do. It was how I think about you. Not only do I think about how much I love you, but why, how much, and mostly if I deserve you to love me.

It feels so lucky to finally be able to love you like I have been wanting to for so long. Your sweet lips leave me speechless with each tender kiss. What have I done to deserve this? And that is another thing I was thinking. It is a little too strange, I think, that we are so right for each other. Some might want to argue about it, but I have a few examples to offer those poor, misguided souls. Your smile is like a world-famous painting. When we kiss, it is like two lost puzzle pieces finally found after a long search that make the picture complete. When we hold each other, time seems to stand still. When I look into your eyes, I see the love in your heart. All of this tells me one thing--our love is true and real.

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