Just Friends...?


We can never be--why? Because we are just friends, really good friends, and you don't want to ruin that, but then you kissed me!

You said that it meant nothing, and that you have too much respect for our friendship. I could show you that our being together could be amazing. I don't want to hurt you like you have been hurt in the past. I want you to take a risk and learn that being together can be great!

I know that things could never be the same again, but that's what life is all about--taking risks! I could make you so happy, if you'd just let me try. There's more to life than just sitting around waiting for something to happen. We need to jump onto a good thing and let our feelings fly.

I love you, and if you have not seen that by now, then you are blind. I used to think it was just your looks, but then I realized it's who you are inside that makes my heart beat at this pace. Just being around you makes my life worth living. You will be in my heart forever even if it's just as friends.

I'll love you always!