Secret Admirer


I know we haven't gotten to know each other for very long, and there is a bit of an age difference between us, but I do really care about you. You are a very special guy. There is so much about you that I know most girls don't see. They are all looking at you just for your body. But, Honey, I am telling you, that is not what I am doing. There is so much more to you than that. I have liked you for a very long time now, but just never had the courage to say it to you. Well, that has all changed now, and I am going to say it. I really care a lot about you, and I would like to be a lot more than just friends. You mean so much to me. I mean, just that special smile when I'm having a bad day just brightens the day and makes it bearable. Or just to have you give me a hug comforts me. Just to see your smiling face brightens the darkest day. So, what do you say, would you like to give it a go?