There You Were


"Stop looking!" That's what everyone kept telling me. So, stop looking is what I did. And that day when I was at the mall, and you were the salesperson, you had the sweetest smile I had ever seen complemented by such beautiful eyes. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't catch my breath, and the only thing I could really say is, "Thanks, but I'm just looking." I wanted to say so much more than that. I wanted to stare into your eyes and talk to your heart, but I was really nervous, so nervous that I just wanted to leave. But I stayed; you were so helpful and so genuine with the compliments you gave me.

My mind worked hard thinking of clever ways to ask you out. But I was worried about rejection again. As I left, I felt no peace. I wanted to run back in and ask you to dinner. My heart was trying to pull my body back into the store, but all that kept happening was my mind kept taking over, moving one foot in front of the other, walking around the mall aimlessly, thinking about what I could say to you and asking God to give me the right words to say to you.

Then a burst of confidence came over me, rehearsing the lines over and over in my head. I decided to walk back in, and I told myself, "If she's standing all alone, that will be a sign I should go up to her." So, as I walked past the store, there you were, standing alone, right in front of the cash register. But my mind took over again, and I marched right out of the mall and into my car.

Thinking of how much of a fool I am, I started to imagine different scenarios of rejection and acceptance. As I returned to work, I was clouded with thoughts about you. So, as my confidence built up, I asked God to close all the doors, take away all the distractions, and anything else that was not from Him. And so He did.

After work, I drove back to the mall, again the experience of meeting you, seeing your beautiful smile with those beautiful eyes, and your sweet voice. I hurried there and as I walked through the mall and into your store, you walked out--I knew it was a sign that you came from above.

So I caught up with you, nervous as can be, and gasped, "I know this is sudden, but would you like to go get a hamburger?" And, with an angelic voice, you answered, "Yes!" My heart started to pound and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. Joy filled my heart. I wanted to dance like a child, but my feel would not move. All I could feel was my heart pounding.

Thanks for the great time. Hope I can see you again soon.