That Was a Stupid Thing I Said/did. (But I Don't Usually Behave This Way.)

Letter #1


I know there is no one to blame but myself for what happened yesterday. There's an old saying, "Open mouth, insert foot," that describes my behavior perfectly. I should know by now that you take most things seriously, but this relationship is still new to me and I'm used to being around guys who say whatever comes into their heads. That's no excuse, though, and I need to think before I speak, especially considering the consequences. Usually, I see a loving sparkle in those beautiful brown eyes, but yesterday all I saw was pain and disillusionment. Please, Megan, forget what I said; let's not break up over one stupid blunder.

I've relived that moment over and over without my hurtful remarks, imagining our conversation continuing smoothly and ending with you in my arms. My imaginings didn't change anything, however, so all I can do is say I love you, Sweetheart, and I'm sorry I caused you pain. Usually, I behave better and act like a gentleman, so our conversations end with no problems. My only defense is that it's uncommon for me to be so inconsiderate, and I hope my guilty plea will encourage my beautiful judge to be lenient in sentencing. Could you let me off with, say, a two-week probation and early release for good behavior? I'm hoping you can, because you've always impressed me with what a kind person you are.

I remember one Saturday night we had planned to go out and then you called to cancel at the last minute. You said your sister was sick and she needed you to help her with the baby because her husband was out of town. At the time, I was really annoyed, but afterwards I thought it was a nice thing for you to do. It shouldn't have surprised me that you're loyal to your family, and I really shouldn't have expected you to override your sense of responsibility to go out to dinner and a movie with me--we can plan that anytime. Anyway, maybe someday I'll be on the receiving end of your loyalty and concern and you'll take care of me!

You told me once that you really like yellow roses. Check outside your door tomorrow evening and you'll find a bouquet filled with as many buds as the number of hugs and kisses I want to give you the next time we meet. Please tell me we can start over!

Why don't we have dinner at the Olive Garden like we did on our first date and try to put this behind us? I've heard that making up can be a very heart-warming experience!

Letter #2


I wasn't on my best behavior with your family yesterday, and I don't blame you for being upset. I'm sorry for the way I acted. I guess I'm just not used to sharing you with your family; it's a new experience for me because I'm used to having you all to myself. That doesn't make it all right, of course, but I hope that maybe it will help you understand why I behaved the way I did last night. In any case, I'm sorry for the pain that I caused your family, especially when I wanted to make a good first impression. I'm sorry most of all for hurting you. I didn't mean it, really.

I hope you know that I don't normally act that way. Can you forgive me? I know I will have to share you on occasion, and I'm fine with that, just please be patient with me while I get used to doing so. I love you so much and having you in my life is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Being in this relationship has made me so happy. Like that song from Disney's Aladdin says, "I'm in a whole new world with you."

Do you remember that Saturday a few months ago when we volunteered at the children's shelter? We had such a great time serving lunch and then playing games with the kids. Watching you that day really made my love for you grow so much more. We hadn't really been seeing each other for very long at that point, but I saw into your heart that day. I knew then what a kind, gentle, loving person you are. I look up to you for your goodness and I hope that, despite my faults, you can learn to love me too.

Will you let me take you out to dinner on Friday night? We can go to your favorite restaurant, and I'll make brownies a la mode for dessert. Then we could curl up on the couch and watch a movie, and from there...well, what do you say? Please say "Yes"! I love you. I'll call tomorrow to see how you are doing.

Letter #3


"I'm sorry" doesn't begin to express my regret for acting badly. What I did was wholly inappropriate. I think I have exhausted the choices in the thesaurus, calling myself every name in the book ("stupid" and "jerk" stand out above the rest). I've tried to think what I could have done to have messed up even more, but I can't think of anything.

The bottom line is I know I hurt you. That causes me the most remorse. You didn't deserve any of my actions. I wish I had a good excuse. I do not. I can only say in retrospect that this is not characteristic of me. Although I have made many mistakes, I have rarely done anything this hurtful before. I only hope that it is forgivable.

Can you find it within yourself to forgive me? Please, let's not break up over this. You can't imagine how my behavior and your reaction have haunted me. I replay it over and over in my head, wishing I could freeze the moment, erase it, and start all over. I realize how something so hurtful can damage or end a relationship--one careless moment and all that we had worked for gone up in smoke. Please don't let this happen. If you'll give me a chance, I know I can set this right.

I love you, and I can't bear the thought of losing you. I've never experienced a relationship like ours. It makes me feel complete; it makes me want to be better (although I still have a long way to go). I value your counsel--you always know just what to say. I see your smile and clouds disappear and the sun shines through. I look forward to midnight walks, gazing at stars, locating the North Star and pondering the universe with you. I love the way you bond with little children and cry during romantic movies. I treasure the little encouraging "post-it" notes you sneak in and leave on the refrigerator door. I remember one that said, "Big smile. You will get that promotion." That gave me the courage to face the interview and win the job.

I know you love mint chocolates. The box that accompanies this letter might be a poor peace offering, but I hope you will accept it with my plea for forgiveness. I hope you'll allow me to do better on Saturday night. With the hope that you'll give me another chance, I have made reservations at Marie's Restaurant. We've made a lot of wonderful memories there. It was the best place I could think of to try and make amends. Will you please give me that opportunity? I'll call you Thursday night. Please say you'll go.

Letter #4


I'm sorry we fought last night. It was my fault. I take full responsibility. I'd had a bad day and ended up taking it out on you. Sometimes I get so worked up and then I say things that I don't really mean. I end up opening my mouth without thinking, and that's never a good thing.

I'm normally a very calm and rational person. You know that what I did was unusual for me. Of course, that doesn't make it right, but at least it doesn't normally happen. I hope you can forgive me. I love you. I love us. I love the way we work together and enjoy each other's company.

I remember how, early in our relationship, your sister did something really stupid. I can't even remember what it was, but you were very upset about it. I remember how she called you to talk about it and apologize and how you expressed your forgiveness. I loved you all the more at that moment because I recognized what a kind and forgiving man you are. I hope you can be that forgiving with me when I occasionally get unreasonable and say things that I don't mean.

I was able to get tickets to that hockey game you wanted to see on Saturday night. Let's go have fun and forget that this ever happened. I'm hoping I can pick you up at 5.