I Never Should Have Left


Every morning, I wake up realizing what I did, and nothing in the world can make it go away. I'm sorry for leaving the second time, and I regret that decision. When we met each other at the Liberty Diner and I saw your face, your eyes glistened with the same sparkle that mine had when I first saw you. I felt driven. That feeling has never left and will never leave.

I remember waking up to next to you, watching you as you slept, watching the way you walked to your car, the way you answered the phone, the way your lips curled when you said "I love you," the way you blew in my face when I took your breath away and, most importantly, the way you showed me how to love you. Those are the few things I miss, and I would give anything in the world to have all that back again. But my mistake cost me happiness and the love I'll never find again. It hurts me day in and day out to think about it. And what hurts the worst is knowing that I hurt someone who was in love with me.

I am still so much in love with you. My leaving left me with a lot of pain, the kind of pain that I wouldn't wish on anyone. I'm not good at writing letters, as you know, but this is how I feel.

I love you so much. I cry every night thinking about you.