Lost Love


Never did I imagine that, at my young age, I could fall in love. I always believed love to be something built out of maturity and respect.

Words can never express the way I feel, but I'd like to try. First of all, you made my heart beat faster with every touch. I loved holding you, kissing you, just being with you. You were everything I wanted and admired. If I had one wish, it would be to feel the thrill of knowing that out of all the people in the world, you could choose me. I was the one you needed; your best friend and you were mine. And now we are apart and I am lost without you.

I pray every night for you to come back. Every time I think of you, I decide: "Okay, think of the last happy memory when you were together; then move on." I never can.

You are all I think about, and I simply cannot imagine life without you. I would like to be in your life again if you feel that our relationship could work. Let's meet and make and talk about this.