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How to Write a Love Letter

The Love Letter

How to Write the Perfect Love Letter

Sample Letter #1

Do you know that I've fallen deeply in love with you? You always say: "We'll be together forever" and my heart melts. I've tried many times to let go of this relationship but every time I think of letting go, the thought is too painful.

We have had some bad times, but the more arguments we had, the closer we got. I feel so close to you now that I believe I need you always by my side. I cannot imagine life without you; it would be horrible.

I'm a girlfriend who loves you very much and I hope you can understand and that you feel love towards me.

Sample Letter #2

Through all those precious moments, magical times, and meaningful words--thank you. Even though we are no longer together, I want to say, "thank you." Know that I really want you back. I need you here, but I know I can't have you again because we've wasted our love too many times.

I'm sorry for the times I was so self-centered and never had the time for you, sorry for those words I told you that discouraged you, sorry for the times I wasn't with you. If I could be given the chance to show you again how I really feel, and if I could have you back, I would never leave you again. I would spoil you so that you would know that I really do love you, even though I'm so far away.

Life still goes on for both of us. I wish you will find that perfect girl who could really love you and you could love in return. Maybe she will be taller, prettier, smarter, and funnier than I am, and everything you want from a girl. I just want to say, she will be the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like you.

I really don't want to lose you, but before I have to say "goodbye" again, I want to say, "Thank you for loving me for just a little while. I'm so sorry. I will always love you."

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