Where You Reside


My love, my sweet--I look back at the years we shared together, and how amazing my time with you was. Sometimes it breaks my heart to go that far down the road and be reminded of how much I loved you, how much we loved each other. I have never felt a love as deep and true as that which I had in my heart for you. How could two people that felt as if they could never live without each other, and then become so distant and far apart? How can a love that was meant to last, crumble right before our eyes? What happened to our love--what happened to us?

I would never have thought that I could have questioned or doubted what we had. You're an amazing man and you've helped me to discover my dreams and inspired me to become the woman that I've always dreamed of becoming. I am a better person because of you--because you believed in me, because you loved me. I love you dearly with all my heart.

I look in your eyes and see a love that is still there, but no longer radiant and alive. Does that mean that we stopped loving each other? Absolutely not. You are the dearest person in my life and will remain so. I love you with all my heart, but I accept that we are traveling on different paths. My love for you will always remain constant and my past memories of you will be relived in my dreams. Though our roads are different, our paths will still cross, now and then. Maybe someday, we will travel down the same path once more. Until then, my sweet love, you will always reside in my heart.

I am unconditionally yours.