Always In Your Heart

Sample Letter #1

Hello there, my sweet love. How are you? I know it has been hard for you to be alone there, but remember one thing--I am always there in your heart. Think of me and my warmth will be the blanket to help you sleep peacefully in the night. Look to the evening sky, and when you see a sparkle from a shining star, that's me, thinking of how much I love you and miss you. Look to the moon, thousands of miles away from you, and I will be looking at the same moon-thinking of you.

I am struggling a lot here, through trials and tribulations, but I am doing fine, so don't worry, because you live in me and always will. Remember the first time I had to leave? The promises we made to each other? I am still keeping them. Just a few more months, and I will be back as a very successful person.

I fell in love with your deep, brown eyes, victimized by the spell they cast on me, and I still feel trapped now! Please don't ever let me go-as our love starts at forever and ends at never.

Yours and only yours forever.

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